Rooster tail feathers, rooster hackle feathers and rooster saddle feathers are longer and often more coloful than a chicken hen's feathers. If a rooster has black tail feathers they usually shine a radient "beetle green". The hackle and saddle feathers are popular to use as hair extensions, especially the barred or "grizzled" hackle and saddle feathers, earrings and millinery accents. Sometimes availabilty and quantities are limited.

Most chicken yards will have only one or two roosters because the general rule of thumb for chickens is "at least ten hens for each rooster". It is a real shame that it is hard to keep more roosters, they are usually very colorful and quite entertaining but they can get too rough on the hens and with each other. The most popular of the rooster tail feathers are the black "beetle green" feathers and the hackle and saddle feathers of any color are very popular. If you need large quantities of rooster feathers or colors that you don't see on the website, please contact us and we'll see what we can do to help you.

The 13 Small Black Rooster Tail Feathers 5713 13 Small black chicken rooster tail feathers, 5" to 6.5" long ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE -- $12.50 The Approximately 40 Black and Gold Rooster Hackle Feathers 5696 Approximately 40 black and gold rooster hackle feathers, 4" to 6.5" long TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK -- $10.50
The 17 Auburn, Dark Gray and Near White Barred Rooster Saddle Feathers 5692 17 Auburn, dark gray and near white barred rooster saddle feathers, 6.5" to 8" long ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE -- $15.50 The Approximately 100 Buckeye Chicken Brown Rooster Hackle Feathers 5636 Approximately 100 naturally molted Buckeye chicken brown rooster hackle feathers, 3" to 6" long 5636 FIVE PACKS AVAILABLE -- $17.50
The 36 Naturally Molted Black with Brown Rooster Hackle Feathers 5632 36 Naturally molted black with brown outline rooster hackle feathers 3" to 5.5" 5632 TWO PACKS AVAILABLE -- $11.00 The 15 Molted Grey Medium Sized Rooster Tail Feathers 5625 15 Molted grey medium sized rooster tail feathers, 5.5" to 10" long ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE 5625 -- $19.00
The 19 White Rooster Saddle Feathers 5620 19 White rooster saddle feathers, 6" to 9" long ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE 5620 -- $15.50 The 19 Naturally Molted Barred Rooster Hackle Feathers 5615 19 Naturally molted barred rooster hackle feathers black and white, 3" to 7" long TWO PACKS AVAILABLE 5615 -- $13.50
The 9 Naturally Molted White and Barred Rooster Tail Feathers 5609 9 Naturally molted white and barred rooster tail feathers, 7" to 12.75" long ONE PACK AVAILABLE 5609 -- $11.50 The Approximately 100 Small Rooster Hackle Feathers 5057 Approximately 100 small rooster hackle feathers, 1.5" to 5.5" ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE -- $16.50
The 22 Buff Silkie Chicken Rooster Tail Feathers 5054 22 Buff silkie chicken rooster tail feathers, approx. 4.5" to 9" long ONE PACK AVAILABLE -- $22.50 The 50 White Rooster Hackle Feathers 5020 50 Naturally molted white rooster molted hackle feathers. Approx. 3.5" to approx. 5.75" long. 10 PACKS AVAILABLE -- $14.50
The 37 Brown Buckeye Rooster Saddle Feathers 4052 37 Brown Buckeye rooster saddle feathers, 4.5" to 5" long TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT -- $18.50 The 8 Large Rooster Tail Feathers 4016 8 Large rooster tail feathers, 11" to nearly 14" long, beetle green. TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT -- $13.50
The SOLD OUT SOLD OUT Over 100 Blue and gold large rooster hackle feathers 3" to 6" long SOLD OUT -- $26.00 The 14 Medium Beetle Green Rooster Tail Feathers 1502 Despite what the photo says, there are 14 medium beetle green rooster tail feathers approximately 7 to 10 inches long ONE PACK AVAILABLE -- $17.5
The 19 Small Beetle Green Rooster Tail Feathers 1501 Despite what the photo says, there are 19 naturally molted small beetle green rooster tail feathers approximately 4 to 6 inches long in each pack. TWO PACKS AVAILABLE -- $17.5