Exotic Cruelty Free Feathers come from our loyal Cruelty Free Feathers Farmers who collect the molted feathers from their pet parrots, pheasants, pea fowl and other non-poultry birds then send them to us for sorting, cleaning, sterilizing and packaging. Availabilty and quantities are always limited with the Exotic Cruelty Free Feathers since we do not have any exotic birds of our own and solely rely on the donations of other bird enthusiasts and keepers to send us their molted feathers.
Sometimes availabilty and quantities are limited.

If you need large quantities of exotic cruelty free feathers or other colors and/or types of feathers than what you see on this page please contact us and we'll see what we can do to help you. Even if we don't have what you need on hand, we know of other Cruelty Free Feather famers who may that we can point you to.

The 3 Assorted Macaw Parrot Feathers, Mostly Blue with Black 5725 3 Assorted Macaw parrot feathers, mostly blue with black, three different sizes from 12.5" to 6" long PARROT FEATHERS CAN ONLY BE SOLD WITHIN THE USA ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE -- $9.50 The 4 Naturally Molted Cat Toy Quality Peacock Train Feathers 5638 SOLD OUT 4 Naturally molted cat toy quality peacock train feathers, 40" to 45" long 5638 -- $11.50
The 6 Naturally Molted Black and Green Parrot Feathers in Three Matched Pairs 5 6 Naturally molted black and green parrot feathers in three matched pairs, 3.75" to 5" long ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE 5619 -- $12.50 The 5 Naturally Molted Mostly Green Parrot Feathers, 3 Contour, 1 Wing, 1 Tail 5 Naturally molted mostly green parrot feathers, 3 contour, 1 wing, 1 tail, 1.75" to 5.5" 5618 -- $6.50
The 19 Naturally Molted Green Parrot Contour Feathers 5616 19 Naturally molted green parrot contour feathers 3/4" to 6" long 5616 -- $12.50 The 13 Naturally Molted Small Red Contour Parrot Feathers 5606 13 Naturally molted small red contour parrot feathers, 1" to 2.5" long -- $13.50