Cruelty Free Feathers Feather Duster
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The Limited Edition 14 Inch Chicken Feathers Feather Duster, signed and dated by the artist are each made by hand from Cruelty Free Feathers, floral tape and re-purposed wooden dowels taken from very old and dilapidated chicken crates. The feathers are individually placed, glued and taped against the dowel. I then paint a clear acrylic on the exposed tape to seal it. These dusters are so pretty, I sign and date each one. Heck, they are so pretty you might want to buy several to display in a simple vase as some of our customers have done. They are available in either Pale Grey Ameraucana, Black Australorp, Buckeye Brown or Calico (mixed colors). I've tired making them from Pearl Guinea feathers but the guinea feathers are too stiff to make a good duster. Very limited availability, once all the dowels from the antiques chicken crates are used up there will be no more like these until I can find another old chicken crate to dismantle.
Price - $17.99
Feathers for Utility and Sport

Utility: A quill pen is made from a molted flight feather. They were the primary writing tool in the western world from the 6th to the 19th century. The best were usually made from goose, swan, and later, turkey feathers. Quills went into decline after the invention of the metal pen in Great Britain around 1822 by John Mitchell. In 1870 the feather duster was conceived by E.E. Hoag in an Iowa broom factory where he worked. In the early years, owning a feather dusters was a status symbol. Sport: The earliest known feathered arrows are around 5,300 years old. They were made from long shoots of Viburnum, birch tar and a fine hair that had been used to attach suitably trimmed feathers. The first literary reference to feather fishing flies was in Ælian's Natural History from about 200 A.D. A fishing fly imitates some form of fish prey when presented to the fish by the angler.