One Ounce Splash White with Gray Chicken Contour Feathers 5737
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ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE One ounce of splash white and gray chicken contour feathers. These are very unusual feathers that come from the only hen in the chicken yards with the splash coloring; her name is Savanna and she is my mostly loving girl who would not be happier if I let her sit on my lap all day long. It took several years to accumulate one ounce of her contour feathers. The majority of the feathers are mostly white with little bits of gray, some have more gray than white and a few have black with white and black with white and gray. They range in length from about an inch to about three inches long. The shaft colors vary between white and gray, all have white quills. If you only want a half of an ounce contact me at ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE
Price - $31.00