12 White Rooster Tail Feathers 5731
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ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE This pack is among the very last of the white rooster feathers I have left. I only had one white rooster and he passed away some time ago. The rooster tail feathers are longe, thinner and more supple than hen tail feathers. The ones in this pack measure from about five inches long to about eleven and a half inches long.They have white shafts and quills. There are some slight discoloration on a couple of the feathers, one is at the base of the shaft the other is on the feathers itself. Otherwise they are quite lovely with a nice flow to them. I miss that white rooster, his name was Buttercup and he was a gentle as a lamb. He fell ill several years ago and passed away not long afterward. I did what I could to try to save him but with no avail. RIP Buttercup. ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE
Price - $12.00