12 White Guinea Primary Wing Feathers 5730
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TWO PACKS AVAILABLE Many non-white guineas have one white primary wing feather as the leading feather on each wing. It took a long time to collect these feathers since there are so few of them each season. These feathers are very sturdy and narrow. It is impressive to see them one the wing as the birds flap! I was surprised when I first noticed the single white feather on each of the guineas wings and thought it was unusual but later learned that it is more typical than not. There are 12 feathers per pack each measuring around seven inches to about seven and a quarter inch long. The shafts and quills are also white. As is typical of naturally molted feathers you may find a slight imperfection on a feather or two but these imperfections are barely noticeable. These feathers are quite beautiful! Because they are so rare I am charging a little bit more for them than is usual. TWO PACKS AVAILABLE
Price - $13.50