Approximately 80 White Silkie Chicken Contour Feathers 5722
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ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE There are approximately 80 beautiful white silkie chicken contour feathers in this pack, the photo does not do justice to them at all. Silkie chicken feathers are not like the feathers from other chickens. They are fluffy except at the tips and none of the vanes "zip" together to make them smooth like normal feathers. At the tips the vanes are longer and although they still do not zip together, they do not have that downy look like the rest of the feather has. They shafts are white as are the quills. These feathers make me think that they would be the kinds of feathers that angels would have. They are very pretty. They range in length from about two inches long to about four inches long. ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE
Price - $17.50