16 Medium Length Guinea Flight Feathers 5677
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SIX PACKS AVAILABLE I call these flight feathers but actually I am not quite sure. They are certainly big enough to be on the bird's wing but they have a bit of a curl to them that is unusual for wing feathers. Guineas are LOADED with feathers and some seem rather long like they are wearing a skirt so it is really hard to be certain with these feathers. I am certain they are not the typical primary or secondary wing feathers though. At any rate, they are very interesting with their typical guinea polka dots in white on black and dark gray. The tips are pointed and curl under a bit, the shave are mostly dark gray then fade to white at the quill. They range in length from about five and a half inches to about seven inches long and average nearly two inches wide at the widest point. SIX PACKS AVAILABLE
Price - $13.50