4 Naturally Molted Cat Toy Quality Peacock Train Feathers 5638
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SOLD OUT These extra long peacock train feathers are "purrfect" for entertaining your cat! They are not perfect eye feathers that are so popular for use in arts and crafts therefore I am offering them as great cat toys. My cat LOVES playing with long peacock feathers and I always keep a few around just for her entertainment! They measure from 40 inches long to a whopping 45 inches long for the longest one! (Bonney Kitty is trying to play with these as I type! LOL!) Most cats REALLY love playing with long feathers. The price reflects the extra cost to ship them as I will have to make a box for them and then the postage will be extra for the extra long irregularly shaped box, but you will rest easy knowing that no peacocks were harmed for these feathers as they were collected from a friend's peacock when he molted them. SOLD OUT
Price - $11.50