Approximately 100 Buckeye Chicken Brown Rooster Hackle Feathers 5636
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FIVE PACKS AVAILABLE There are approximately one hundred beautiful Buckeye Chicken brown rooster hackle feathers in each pack. They average in length from about three inches to about six inches long with a few shorter ones here and there and are delicately slender and elegant. The shafts are brow with white tips at the bottoms and there is a little bit of "fuzziness" at the bottom of each hackle feathers. Hackle feathers grow on the neck of roosters and he can make them stand outward from his body to make himself look larger and fiercer to ward of predators or to intimidate other roosters. All of these feathers came from my beautiful and friendly Buckeye rooster which unfortunately I no longer have as they have passed away one by one over the years. FIVE PACKS AVAILABLE
Price - $17.50