Approximately 56 Naturally Molted Dove Grey Premium Chicken Contour 5634
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SIX PACKS AVAILABLE Premium contour feathers are the larger, sturdier contour feathers from a bird's body. They typically grow in the contour area just above the wing and are mostly symmetrical with a slight curve and nice and strong. The color of these approximately fifty six feathers are a soft dove grey, some with dark grey flecks. Some of the shafts are white, some are black but they all fade to white at the very bottom. The chickens these naturally molted feathers come from are our beautiful "blue" Easter Eggers. Although the color is technically grey, they are called blue. Easter Eggers are chickens that are part Ameraucanna or any other breed of chicken that lay blue eggs yet some of the "EEs" lay greenish eggs while others lay brown, white or even pinkish eggs - hence their name of Easter Eggers. SIX PACKS AVAILABLE
Price - $21.00