10 Naturally Molted Brownish Grey Turkey Flatties 5627
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ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE Although there are nine feathers in the photo, ten are in the package as I found one more after I took the photograph! These "flatties" are much larger than the usual chicken feather "flatties" that I offer, measuring a whopping two and three quarters inches long all the way to three and a half inches long! "Flatties" are actually wing covert feathers that grow in between both the primary and the secondary wing feathers. They are rather thin and very flat and almost symmetrical. These are great for earrings or other jewelry and other craft applications. The color is a nice soft brownish grey, very earthy and easy on the eyes. The shafts are white but are not so noticeable from the front as they are from the back. I don't have turkeys of my own, not that I would LOVE to; these were donated by a friend who collected them after they molted. ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE
Price - $7.50