Approximately 25 Naturally Molted Grey Chicken Covert "Flatties" 5621
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SEVEN PACKS AVAILABLE of approximately 25 naturally molted grey covert "flatties" measuring from about one inch long to about two and a half inches long. Covert feathers are the smaller feathers found on a bird's wings that are not flight feathers but help the flight feathers in different ways. I am not sure how the "flatties" help the feathers but can guess that they serve as a buffer between the large flight feathers as that is where they are found, between the big feathers. They are very flat and thin and nearly symmetrical. These "flatties" are a beautiful soft dove grey, some with bits of dark grey to black and some with hints of red along the shafts. I like using these for earring crafts but they can be used for many applications especially where a flat smallish feather is needed. SEVEN PACKS AVAILABLE
Price - $12.50