19 White Rooster Saddle Feathers 5620
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ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE Rooster saddle feathers are generally longer and a bit wider than rooster hackle feathers. These are all white except one which has some black splotches on it. They are have been cleaned and sterilized as are all my feathers except these are a little stained dark at the bottoms right next to the shafts. My rooster, Buttercup - may he rest in peace - used to love to dust bath in damp dirt which stained his feathers. The black splotches on that one feather are not stains though, they are pigment in the feather. These pretty feathers measure from six inches long to about nine inches long and are only about an inch wide at the widest point. These are very pretty and desirable feathers suitable for hair decorations, earrings and many other great feather crafts. ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE
Price - $15.50