6 Naturally Molted Black and Green Parrot Feathers in Three Matched Pairs 5
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ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE Wow! These are great! In this pack you get six elegant black with a bit of green parrot wing feathers matched up into three pairs! The longest ones are five inches long with pointed tips, and black shafts that fade to white at the bottoms. The shortest ones three and three quarter inches long and are more squared off at the tips, again, with black shafts that fade to white at the bottom. The larger side of each feather is near black while the smaller side of each is mostly green ... an nice earthy green. These feathers are perfect for earring crafts or any craft where matched pairs are needed. I can only send parrot feathers to places within the USA as it is unlawful to mail parrot feathers across the border. ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE
Price - $12.50