5 Naturally Molted Mostly Green Parrot Feathers, 3 Contour, 1 Wing, 1 Tail
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ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE This is a small collection of a few (five) odd parrot feathers. Three of them are green with one, the tail feather, being green and yellow. The wing feathers is green, yellow and orange and then there are two green contour feathers and one contour feathers that is green and red. I usually pack like feathers together but after sorting out all the molted parrot feathers that a friend sent, this was what was left over. Perhaps you need an odd feather hear and there to complete a set for your crafts, or just that one perfect feather for a project you are working on? Parrot feathers can only be sent from me within the USA. It is unlawful to send parrot feathers across the border. ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE
Price - $6.50