10 Buff Silkie Chicken Wing Feathers 5045
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ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE This is an oddball pack of ten silkie chicken wing feathers on three accounts. Odd because we seldom offer silkie chicken feathers, also odd because usually we offer wing feathers in sets of 12 and once again odd because there are not an even number of left facing and right facing feathers. Silkie chickens do not have normal feathers. Their contour feathers are much like fur and their wing and tail feathers are more like normal feathers but kind of shredded looking at the tips. They are quite unusual and fun! This pack has ten buff silkie chicken wing feathers, three left facing seven left facing. They measure about five and a quarter inches long to about six and a quarter inches long and about one and quarter inches at the widest. ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE
Price - $10.5