12 White Chicken Tail Feathers 5030
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TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK Chicken tail feathers are generally straighter and less rigid than chicken wing feathers. They also vary more in length and width and have less of a concave shape (not to be confused with the leaning curve). These feathers range in length from approximately six inches to approximately nine inches long and are from about one inch to about one and a half inches wide. The molted white chicken feathers in these packs come from both hens and roosters. Although roosters are notorious for their luxurious long decorative tail feathers, they also have straighter, sturdier ones along the sides of their tails. Each pack contains twelve feathers, six of them lean more towards the right, six of them lean more towards the left, a couple of them may be straight with no lean at all. They are naturally molted and collected completely cruelty free, as such, they may come with a few flaws including a nick or two and/or a stain here and there. Some of them have small discolorations in the pigment. TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
Price - $11.50