BLRW Secondary Chicken Wing Feathers 1551
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TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK Twelve STUNNING Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Secondary Wing Feathers. Each feather is nearly half silvery grey (Blue) and half rust brown (red) and measures approximately 7 inches long. This is a gorgeous set of feathers with six left facing and six right facing with sturdy shafts of dark brown and white. Chicken Wing Feathers are great for ceremonial attributes, pen quills, hat and mask decorations, floral arrangements, and any arts and crafts projects that require long and strong feathers. Feathers from raptors (eagles, hawks and other birds of prey) are Federally protected can only be collected and used if you have a special permit. These feathers cost more than the other Wing Feathers due to the rarity of the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicken. TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
Price - $11.50