17 Large Narragansett Turkey Contour Feathers 1305
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SOLD OUT The iridescent sheen of the band near the top of these fabulous Narragansett turkey contour feathers are near impossible to show properly in a photograph. Depending on how the light hits the stripe, the colors shimmer from gold to green to magenta. There are 17 of these lovely feathers in this pack which measure in length from about five inches to about six inches, the widths average to around two inches across the top of each feather. They are predominantly a rich warm near-black with a very black strip at the top. These are strikingly pretty feathers despite their simplicity. The Narragansett turkey is on the Livestock Conservancy Priority Watch list. The population of Narragansett turkeys was nearly wiped out in the 1950's. Thankfully, due to conservation efforts, the numbers of breeding Narragansett turkeys have risen significantly but the preservation of this beautiful and useful breed is still under watch. SOLD OUT
Price - $10.5