Thank you for making a donation to Cruelty Free Feathers, or if you are here to pay postage for an over seas order, thank you for your order and thank you for caring about the birds!

Taking care of our birds so that we are able to offer molted feathers to concerned artists, designers and crafts people gets more and more costly each year and every little bit of help is hugely appreciated!

About a quarter of our birds are rescued fowl and we are always open to take in others provided we have an isolation pen available for introducing them safely to the farm. With 60-some birds to care for including a couple of special needs chickens, we spend about $80 in poultry feed each month, about $20 in bedding material each month and about an addition $20 to $30 each month for incidentals such as crushed oyster shell, dietary gravel and medications.

Collecting, sorting, washing, sterilizing, photographing, packaging and posting unto the website the Cruelty Free Feathers that our birds molt and that our Cruelty Free Feather Farmer volunteers donate is very time consuming and comes with its own expenses as well for paper, ink, packaging, etc. All in all, offering Cruelty Free Feathers to concerned artists, designers and crafts people is a labor of love and not really very profitable; this is why I often seeks ways for folks to make a "love donation" to help our little farm.

The bottom line here is Thank You! Thank you for caring about the birds and thank you for helping me to continue to advocate for the use of Cruelty Free Feathers and for helping me provide Cruelty Free Feathers to others like you who also care about the birds!