Cruelty Free Rooster Feathers

Rooster tail feathers, rooster hackle feathers and rooster saddle feathers are longer and often more coloful than the hen's feathers. If a rooster has black tail feathers they usually shine a radient "beetle green". The hackle and saddle feathers are popular to use as hair extensions, especially the barred or "grizzled" hackle and saddle feathers.
Sometimes availabilty and quantities are limited.

Most chicken yards will have only one or two roosters because the general rule of thumb for chickens is "at least ten hens for each rooster". It is a real shame that it is hard to keep more roosters, they are usually very colorful and quite entertaining but they can get too rough on the hens and with each other. We will almost always have the black "beetle green" tail feathers and brown hackle feathers in stock. Other colors of feathers will vary in availablity according to the donations we receive from bird enthusiasts and from our Cruelty Free Feathers farmers. If you need large quantities of feathers, please contact us and we'll see what we can do for you. People who donate feathers to Cruelty Free Feathers receive gifts from our Cruelty Free Feather products! Regular donors get way cool gifts like our teeshirts with one of our original graphics printed on it.

The 6 Extra Large Rooster Tail Feathers 6 Extra large rooster tail feathers, 13" to nearly 18" long, beetle green SOLD OUT -- $8.50 The 46 Dove Gray Rooster Tail Feathers 46 Dove gray rooster tail feathers, Approximately 6" long ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE -- $38.50
The 97 Buckeye Rooster Hackle Feathers 97 Buckeye rooster hackle feathers SOLD OUT -- $25 The Over 100 Blue and Gold Large Rooster Hackle Feathers Over 100 Blue and gold large rooster hackle feathers 3" to 6" long SOLD OUT -- $28.5
The 12 Juvenile Rooster Tail Feathers 12 Juvenile rooster tail feathers 3" to 6.5" long TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT -- $7.50 The 6 Juvenile Rooster Tail Feathers 6 Juvenile rooster tail feathers 5" - 8" long. SOLD OUT -- $6.
The 50 Calico Rooster Hackle Feathers 50 Rooster Hackle Feathers, "Calico" coloring 3" to 6" TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT -- $12.5 The Large 34 3.5 X 4.5 inch long feathers rooster shoulder feathers, blue with red and tipped in gold SOLD OUT -- $9.5
The One Pack of Blue/Gold Rooster Small Saddle Feathers Approximately 80 Blue and Gold Rooster Small Saddle Feathers ranging in length from about 2" to about 4" SOLD OUT -- $16 The Blue Rooster Greater Tail Feathers 38 Long Luxurious Blue Rooster Greater Tail Feathers ONLY ONE PACK -- $35
The 12 Large Beetle Green Rooster Tail Feathers 12 large beetle green rooster tail feathers approximately 6 to 11 inches long SOLD OUT -- $14.5 The 12 Small Beetle Green Rooster Tail Feathers 12 small beetle green rooster tail feathers approximately 5 to 8 inches long SOLD OUT -- $9.5