Cruelty Free Feathers "Mighty Miniatures"

Mighty Miniatures are tiny little feathers that measure about an inch or less. They come packaged by color and weight. Our standard colors are Pearl Guinea, Brown and Black. Standard weights are 1/10 ounce (150 to 200 feathers) and 2/10 ounce (400 to 600 feathers).
Sometimes availabilty and quantities are limited.

Since we happen to have an eye for finding teeny, tiny feathers we go ahead and collect, clean, sterilize and sort those too. We call them "Mighty Miniatures" because they are so impressive. Their diminutive size does not take away from their beauty and magnificence. If you need large quantities of feathers, please contact us and we'll see what we can do for you. People who donate feathers to Cruelty Free Feathers receive gifts from our Cruelty Free Feather products! Regular donors get way cool gifts like our teeshirts with one of our original graphics printed on it.

The 1/10 Ounce Mighty Miniature Pearl Guinea Feathers Approximately 150 to 200 extremely small Pearl Guinea miniature feathers FOUR PACKS AVAILABLE -- $12.5 The 600+ Mixed colors 600+ Mixed colors "Mighty Miniatures" tiny feathers .5" to 1" TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK -- $24.5
The 1/8 Ounce Barred Miniature Feathers 1/8 ounce Barred Miniature Feathers, Approx 200 of them 1" long or less. TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT -- $12.5