The "The Eyes Have It!" Peacock Tail Feather Earrings with Long Black Bone Bead SOLD OUT! -- $12 The "Simple, Elegant AND Fun! " SOLD OUT!Long Rooster Hackle Feathers and Bold Wood Beads -- $19
The "Peaceful Sounds of Autumn" Gentle Tinkling Bells Adorn a Variety of Feathers SOLD OUT! -- $22 The "Inner Hippie" Embrace Your Inner Hippie: Guinea and Maccaw Parrot Feathers with Torquiose Peace Sign Beads -- $22
The "Debbie's Delight" Rooster Hackle Feathers, Frizzle and Silkie Feathers Earrings -- $18 The "Peace, Love and Feathers!" Extra Long and Groovy but Light as a Feather! -- $27
The "Hoops and Feathers and Beads, Oh My!" Classic Hoop Earrings with Jeweltone Beads and Earthtone Feathers, 5 Inches Long -- $25. The "Robyn's Nesting Home" Lampwork Birdhouse Beads with Charms and Silkie Feathers -- $18