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I Dream of Guinea
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I like the simplicity of this Single Guinea Flower with Pheasant Tail Feather accent in a retro mottled green and turquiose glass vase. Like all of Rene's Fantasy Feather Flower Arrangements, it is signed and dated. Each Guinea Feathers Fantasy Feather Flower is made of five guinea feathers for the petals, a Silkie feather for the pistil and stamen and Australorp flight feathers for leaves. It stands just under 14 inches tall.
To reduce shipping costs, your Fantasy Feather Flowers Flower Arrangement will arrive unassembled but with this photo so you can assemble it back together once you unpack it. Of course you could also arrange the Fantasy Flowers and the Feather Accents any way you wish. Be creative and enjoy! SOLD OUT!
Price - $15.99