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Cruelty Free Feathers Feather Duster
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The Limited Edition Cruelty Free Feathers feather dusters are each made by hand from Cruelty Free Feathers, floral tape and re-purposed wooden dowels taken from a very old and dilapidated chicken crate. The feathers are individually placed, glued and taped against the dowel. The artist then paints a clear acrylic on the exposed tape to seal it. These dusters are so pretty, Rene signs and dates each one. Heck, they are so pretty you might want to buy several to display in a simple vase. They are available in either Pale Grey Ameraucana, Black Australorp, Buckeye Brown or Polka Dotty Guinea. Very limited availability, once all the dowels are used up there will be no more like these until Rene can find another old chicken crate to dismantle!

Proceeds from the sale of all our Cruelty Free Feathers and other products go toward funding the organization and formation of the future R&R Rooster Sanctuary. We will be applying for a 501c3 Non Profit status in the coming months to begin a comprehensive Fund Raising Campaign for funds to build a state of the art Rooster Sanctuary at our hobby farm in South Eastern Virginia. If you would like to kick in a little more than retail price for your products, your donation will be greatly appreciated and will get us closer to making the Rooster Sanctuary a reality! Once we are incorporated as a 501c3, donations will be tax deductible. Until then your reward will be the good feeling you get for being kind and generous. Thank you for your support!
Price - $17.99