12 Juvenile White Secondary Chicken Wing Feathers
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FIVE PACKS AVAILABLE Juvenile wing feathers are smaller and more delicate than adult wing feathers. These beautiful white feathers range in size from about five inches to about six inches in length. They are about an inch wide. Our surprise babies provided these feathers from their first molt. The surprise babies are a clutch of chicks that hatched under a mama hen without us knowing she was even sitting on eggs! Early one spring as I was cleaning the main coop I heard the sweet sound of "peep, peep, peep" coming from deep underneath the coop. Three days later out marched the Mama with eight baby chicks! Two of the sisters are bright white and only one baby grew up to be a rooster - a rare occurrence indeed! Since we don't plan on hatching any more chicks, once these juvenile feathers are gone, there will be no more...unless we get another surprise! FIVE PACKS AVAILABLE
Price - $11.50