10 White with Black Outline "Flatty" Feathers
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ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE "Flatty" feathers come from in between the bird's wing feathers. They are small, delicate looking and very flat. Most feathers have a pronounced curve to them but not Flatties! These particular white Flatties are unique since they have a bit of black edging on the very top of each feather. They probably came from either of our two older gals, Tammi the silver-Laced Wyandotte and/or Sadie, our petite Lakenveldar hen. These fun little feathers range in length from one and three quarter inches to two and three quarter inches long. It is always exciting to find these feathers when the chickens molt since they are not as numerous as most other types of feathers. ONLY ONE PACK AVAILABLE
Price - $7.50