One Pack of Blue/Gold Rooster Small Saddle Feathers
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These feathers are gorgeous despite their small size. They measure from about 2 inches to about 4 inches in length and are narrow and with very little of the after feather fluff. The dark grey (blue in chicken talk) main portion of the feather is edged in a fringe of shiny gold. The after feather (the downy part) is minimal but of a soft silvery grey which contrast beautifully with the black white tipped shaft. Photos do not do justice to these delicate looking but sturdy enough for crafts rooster small saddle feathers. As stated elsewhere on the website, we are not vegetarians but we treat ALL our birds with the same love and respect as if they are pets. Sometimes we get over run with roosters and some of them will be chosen to nourish our family. These feathers came from a few of those roosters. I like to make sure this is perfectly clear. Anywhere else on this website, unless you see the previous statement, the feathers were collected from molted feathers.SOLD OUT
Price - $16