Blue Rooster Greater Tail Feathers
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38 "blue" rooster tail feathers ranging in length from about 5 inches to about 9 inches. This photo shows only a few so you can see the beauty of the individual feathers better. The "blue" color in chickens is actually a nice soft grey. The tail feathers are darker than the contour feathers on blue chickens and of course much longer and softer. As stated on the website, we are not vegetarians but we treat ALL our birds with the same love and respect as if they are pets. Sometimes we get over run with roosters and some of them will be chosen to nourish our family. These feathers came from a few of those roosters. I like to make sure this is perfectly clear. Anywhere else on this website, unless you see the previous statement, the feathers were collected from molted feathers.ONLY ONE PACK
Price - $35