12 Small Beetle Green Rooster Tail Feathers
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TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK This pack of 12 beetle green Buckeye rooster tail feathers gives you a variety of lengths and widths of the smaller tail feathers from a rooster. These feathers were collected from the ground after the roosters molted them, as a result they are not "perfect" but nothing that can't be fixed with a little careful trimming. Although some of them may have come from our "barnyard mix" roosters, most of them came from our Buckeye chickens which are considered a recovering American breed who very nearly became extinct! They are a friendly and large bird of a lovely chestnut brown with black in the tails. Interestingly, Buckeyes are the only breed of chicken in the American Class created entirely by a woman! Oh, and they are good mousers!TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
Price - $9.5