17 Large Narragansett Turkey Contour Feathers 5
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SOLD OUT The iridescent sheen of the band near the top of these fabulous Narragansett turkey contour feathers are near impossible to show properly in a photograph. Depending on how the light hits the stripe, the colors shimmer from gold to green to magenta. There are 17 of these lovely feathers in this pack which measure in length from about five inches to about six inches, the widths average to around two inches across the top of each feather. They are predominantly a rich warm near-black with a very black strip at the top. These are strikingly pretty feathers despite their simplicity. As stated elsewhere on the website, we are not vegetarians but we and our Cruelty Free Feather Farmers treat ALL our birds with the same love and respect as if they are pets. Sometimes we get over run with roosters and/or toms and some of them will be chosen to nourish our families. These feathers came from one of those toms. We honor his life and we thank him for our sustenance by offering his feathers to be part of a beautiful work of art or craft. I like to make sure this is perfectly clear. Anywhere else on this website, unless you see the previous statement, the feathers were collected from molted feathers. SOLD OUT
Price - $10.5