Cruelty Free Feathers for artists, designers and crafts people who care about where the products for their arts and crafts come from physically, ecologically and spiritually. Here you will find feathers that do not have ill will or bad Karma attached to them.

Cruelty Free Feather Decor are orginal and unique obect d’arts for your home, studio or office. They make great gifts for that wonderful “tree-hugger” of the family and for anyone who simply loves pretty and unique decorative items.

Cruelty Free Feather Jewely are great to wear and to give as gifts. You feel good about them because they are light weight, colorful, unique, original, and have been hand made by an artist who LOVES wearing Cruelty Free Feather Jewelry herself!

Cruelty Free Feather Graphics include greeting cards, seasonal cards, decorative magnets and bumper stickers. Eventually we will also carry a calendar, a game and other fun printed items for and about poultry and other birds!

“Why Cruelty Free” feathers? Well, have you thought about where the feathers you see on products or in packages at craft supply stores come from and how they are traditionally collected? Don't. It'll break your heart, like the first time you heard about how veal comes about. It is not pretty.

We raise our birds in a clean, safe and friendly environment; ours is more of a hobby farm than a real farm. All of our birds get special attention daily as they roam around hunting bugs and scratching for goodies in their chicken yards full of trees, shrubs, fresh air and sunshine. They enjoy a healthy diet of bugs and greens, chicken chow, left overs from our kitchen and treats of cracked corn, oatmeal, garden fresh veggies, and meal worms - just to name a few. Anyone who has been to our Hobby Farm will tell you that our birds are spoiled rotten with love and care. Heck, we even let any of our "Special Needs" chickens live in the house when they are in need of extra special attention!

Although we plan to eventually add turkeys, geese, peafowl, emus and pheasants, for now we raise Pearl Guinea fowl and a variety of colorful breeds of chickens to provide us with feathers. We also have great friends with a variety of birds who donate their "moltings". Most fowl moult in the fall and winter, dropping feathers at an amazing rate as their new winter coats start coming in. During the molting season I gather feathers several times a day, trying to collect them before they get dirty. It takes a long time to build up an inventory of feathers by collecting like this, but this is really the only way to truly have cruelty free feathers. Then we sort, wash, sterilize, sort some more and then we make products from some of the feathers and package the other ones to sell to other artists, designers and craftspeople.

Things to Do With Feathers
Paint on them, paint with them, decorate hats, use for home decor, use for fine art, make jewelry, make facinators, make hair extensions, decorate scarves, gloves, shoes and other fashion accessories, decorate clothing, make miniature fans, home deocrations and fashions for dolls and doll houses, decorate hand made books, add to floral arrangements, use as confetti for weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations, decorate parade floats, decorate Christmas ornaments, Easter ornaments, Halloween decorations, Thanksgiving decorations and other holiday decor, decorate masks, headdresses and costumes, play ‘Drop the Feather in a Bottle’, make a ’Tape the Tail on the Rooster’ game, make quill pens, make a delux feather duster, tickle your friends and your fancy.

If you have poultry of your own go to Chicken Coop Supplies for all your chicken coop needs.